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About Us

V Bullock was born in a place called Can Tho. It is located in the Mekong Delta area of Vietnam.
She came from a poor family and quickly learnt that her job in life was to “Take Care” of people.
Initially it was just her family. Helping them “Take Care” of food, housing, clothing and money. To do this she had to work and had no time for school. She quickly learnt that the smart way was to work for herself.
She had her first business at 8 years old and it has continued throughout her life.
She has had many businesses, tried many things. Sometimes successful and sometimes not.
Her responsibilities grew. She found herself able to “Take Care” of more and more people.
Now she had an extended family that looked to her to “Take Care” of them.
In 2010 her life changed dramatically when she met, subsequently married an Australian man and moved to Australia to live.
In 2014 she set up her first Australian business and has found that she is now able to help “Take Care” of more and more people. She has been able to develop, prove and perfect a new business model that is quite revolutionary.
In 2017 she returned to Vietnam to source out business supplies and new techniques/products. She was affected by the needs of so many people. Seeing an opportunity to help a lot of people by sharing her experiences/skills/techniques she starting planning on setting up businesses back in Vietnam.
Since then she has also started to look at The Phillipines and India.
It is early days at the moment but watch these pages. Exciting things are happening and you may be able to help and share with us. We are going to need thousands of people to help us and this may be an opportunity that can be of advantage to you.
Please be aware of AweSome V, her story, her businesses and we hope that sometime soon we can share with you.